Dominik Bjegovic – A Copywriter Who Made Me Rich


I’ll begin my article session by reviewing each of the top-gun copywriters such as…

Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Dominik Bjegovic, Dan Kennedy, Michel Fortrin etc.

First, I will start with Mr. Dominik Bjegovic as he is probably the most unknown of the “All-Star Team”.

For the purpose of this article I had to contact several business owners who were working (or still are) with Dominik Bjegovic. I was surprised.

All six of them I’ve contacted told me basically the same:

He is arrogant.

He is honest.


I was amazed.

First of all, not all of you realize that he is b2b copywriter, not a b2c. He has his crew that work for other projects (b2c included) and advertise on different websites, but Dominik personally is working only on large, high-stakes b2b proposals, promotions and CEO-to-CEO letters.

That’s why it is so hard to get his swipe file (but I am speaking with one Oil company CEO about getting a hold of one of the promotions Dominik did for him).

A $10,000 for 542 words!

One of the amazing stories I’ve heard from the head of one large, actually huge construction company group from the UAE.

He was closing one deal and he had only one shoot, one guy to get to the negotiation table and close the deal. He wanted to maximize his chances. So he hired Dominik Bjegovic.

CEO of that company didn’t want to go in much of details, but he told me this: they spent six hours in research and Dominik has spend maybe an hour and half writing the ad itself.

Once the ad was done, it was less than one page long and it came with 49 pounds heavy piece of railroad as a gimmick. Wow, what a gimmick, huh? :)

And guess what? It worked.

This CEO did get a phone call notifying him he is crazy for sending out that piece of metal and that he wants to sit down with him on the negotiations table. Long story short: $10,000 for a later-closed 340M USD deal is a smart investment (although 1k for one page is big bucks).

That makes Dominik probably the highest-paid copywriter per-word in the world. Maybe second only to legendary Gary Halbert (RIP) and his famous Coat-Of-Arms promotion.

In the next article in the cycle, I will review John Carlton, an amazing b2c copywriter, a genius and an entrepreneur.

If you would like to contact Mr. Dominik Bjegovic, I wasn’t able to find any direct-contact information to reach him. Maybe you could dig something out. Admittedly, I was tired after getting through all these secretaries and appointment settings with CEOs for the interview I made to provide you with this info. I didn’t paste transcript of the interviews simply because they (CEOs) seemed to be extremely busy and we were able to exchange just a couple of words.

So, stay tuned, the next article is about The Marketing Rebel, the genius himself, Mr. John Carlton.

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